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Stories and Remembrances from Area Seniors

The Volunteer Program is pleased to present a collection of stories and remembrances from area seniors.  These stories portray a day in the life of a kid growing up in the Cedar Rapids area decades ago.  It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share these remembrances with older adults who may share in the memories as well as with younger generations who call East Central Iowa home.  These submissions are casual stories told as best remembered for public enjoyment and should not be considered historical fact.

These stories are grouped together by author's last name and also by author's stories that included pictures.  Please click on the links below to read and enjoy the submissions from area seniors.

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all who have shared your stories with us and to the volunteers who have helped make this project a success.


  • Deborah Brown
  • Stacey Jirik
  • Caroline Johnson
  • Ashley Matayas
  • Helga Mayhew
  • Anita Robinson
  • Anneliese Tisdale

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